Upload & Connect - How do I get my pictures here?

Oh, this is the easy part!


On our Upload page, you have several tools you can use to upload you pictures:

  • Simple Uploader - Upload a single (or up to 5) pictures directly from your computer.
  • Advanced Uploader - Upload multiple pictures at once using our Macromedia Flash tool.
  • Drag & Drop - This is a Java Applet that allows you to easily Drag & Drop pictures from your computer to your account.
  • Import by Url - Import pictures from anywhere on the web using its URL.
  • Upload by Email - Easily upload pictures from your mobile devices or email client by sending them to an email address.
  • Take a Snapshot - Take snapshots with your WebCam and easily add them to your account. (Great for making Animations/Collages)




On our Connect page, you can connect directly to your favorite website or service (once it is available) and grab the pictures directly from your account, for example, grab the pictures you have on Flickr or Facebook.

Oh, and once you are connected to a service, the next time you save a picture, you will have the option to save the picture directly to your account on that service!

Visit our Connect Page for a full list of services!




We also have an extension available for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox, which allows you to 'right-click' on any image in your browser, and send it for editing. Can you imagine that? Using Picture2Life, you can easily transform your 'plain old browser', into a simple and easy-to-use image editor!